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On July 27th, I woke up somewhere close to 5am to get ready to drive to St. Louis to photograph Liz & Mike’s wedding with Jessica who was my second photographer for the big day.  We had coffee in hand and ready for a little road trip :)  July weddings are sometimes on the hottest days of the year, but not this July.  The temperature cooled down a bit and had a crispness about it to make you excited for the fall.  It truly was an invigorating day to have a wedding :)  All of the girls were all excited and bubbly.  The guys were equally fired up and ready for a great day!  While I was photographing the girls getting ready, Jessica was photographing the guys getting ready at the Westin.  Mike didn’t see Elizabeth until she was walking down the aisle at the beautiful St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, it was a lovely moment to witness.  The ceremony was beautiful and kicked off an afternoon and evening of joy and celebration!  The reception was amazing and soooooo much fun!  The details and decor were to die for!!!!  I will start with Liz’s fabulous dress and shoes!


I loved the chalkboard paint on the glasses!  Keep your eye out for more chalkboard fun throughout the day!
liz-20 liz-44

Here is a fun shot Jessica took of me getting the shot on the left :)
liz-83 liz-92

Mike and his dad having a moment in the hall :)

Wow, just wow.  Liz was just stunning.liz-110 liz-155

I think my favorite part about the Westin was that it was right next to the Busch Stadium!  How cool is that for a Cardinals fan!!!liz-184 liz-447

Liz’s nieces and nephews were super cute :)  liz-188

And before Mike saw his bride on their wedding day, Liz’s dad came to see his baby girl ready to walk down the aisle :)liz-235 liz-333 liz-351


Beautiful church, beautiful light and beautiful moment :)liz-453 liz-500 liz-507

After the ceremony everyone got on a limo bus and went to Forest Park for some photo fun!!!!liz-541

I LOVE the next two images and it is a great example of how awesome it is to have a 2nd photographer on your wedding day!  While I was in the position for the first shot, Jessica’s angle was awesome with the water as the background!!!liz-629

ok, kind of crazy about all of these images as well :)  Seriously…are they not totally gorgeous?!!?!?!?!?liz-655 liz-675 liz-687

There was a lot of fun and singing going down :)  The first image cracks me up :)liz-694

Can you believe these beautiful clouds?  What an awesome day!  My first wedding photos with the St. Louis Arch!  I loved it!liz-709 liz-725 liz-733 liz-735 liz-749

Handsome groom!liz-759

The reception was at Moulin and was incredible!liz-841

The bride and groom entrance was pretty cool.  Mike slid right in to his entrance.  I was surprised by the fun entrance and I think Mike may have been surprised by a splinter or two 😉  Totally worth it for it’s awesomeness though 😉liz-865 liz-945 liz-958 liz-965

Now THIS is what a dance floor is suppose to look like :)  Super fun!liz-1030 liz-1116

Congratulations Liz & Mike!  Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!!!!!

Yay!!!!  Lauren & Kenny were married in beautiful Parkville where they met at Park College!  The Graham Tyler Memorial Chapel is the beautiful little church on the campus of Park College, so what a perfect place for their ceremony!!!!  It was such an exciting day with Lauren and her girls all smiley and bubbly!  I had the great opportunity to photograph Lauren & Kenny’s engagement session in Fort Worth where they live and had such a fun time getting to know them, I was super excited to photograph their wedding!  And it was just as great as I thought it would be!  Let me tell the story with the photos!!!!

I want to start with a few shots from the engagement session because it was just soooooo awesome and I haven’t had enough time to blog very many engagement sessions :)  We shot a lot in the Fort Worth Stockyards which was really really cool :)

lauren-17 lauren-54

I loved this cactus photo so much even though I got stuck in the booty while shooting it!!!!!!lauren-119

When I first walked in to the room where Lauren was getting ready my first view was her awesome hair style!theerman-5

Lauren has AMAZING eyes!!!!theerman-67

I loved that Lauren had her fancy bling shoes and her cowboy boots!  A little Texas love :)theerman-33

This series will show a bit of the wedding theme : BLING!!!  Lauren is a blingy kind of gal!!!!  Even her nails were blingy!  Is blingy a real word?  theerman-16 theerman-21

Beautiful invitations with a little…..bling :)theerman-36

And the cutie little Dia had her own dress too!!!!!theerman-57 theerman-77 theerman-78 theerman-85


Meghan was a bit weepy on Lauren’s wedding day :)theerman-123 theerman-130

After Lauren & Kenny first saw each other, I think they were both more relaxed!!!!
theerman-142 theerman-172 theerman-179

LOVED the bridesmaid’s dresses!!!!!  And the boys looked pretty sharp too 😉theerman-180 theerman-202

Seriously beautiful women in this family!!!!theerman-216 theerman-225 theerman-L-224 theerman-235 theerman-246

AND…….this is how it is done 😉theerman-260

Beautiful chapel!!!theerman-355 theerman-361 theerman-321

Hello little cutie flower girl!!!!!theerman-402

We had to hit a baseball field for a few shots since the boys played ball together at Park!!!!theerman-423

Favorite alert for like the next whole set of images!!!!!!!!theerman-438 theerman-446 theerman-467 theerman-454

The reception was at Piropos on the hill overlooking Parkville and the Missouri River.  What a beautiful spot for an intimate reception!!!!!  The flowers, the  vases and OH MY GOODNESS- the cake-in love!  theerman-468 theerman-516

Me and my girls!!!!  I have the best brides ever!!!!theerman-499

:)theerman-506 theerman-564 theerman-617 theerman-639 theerman-676Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much for letting me document your love day!!!!!!


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