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Yes, for nearly 8 years now!!!   Haha!  My husband’s name is Aaron, so it was super cool photographing another Tracy & Aaron duo!  My first time photographing a wedding with a lovely bride named Tracy!  It was kind of funny saying my own name all day plus I would look every time someone would call on Tracy, lol!

But this wasn’t my first or even my second time photographing this young lady :)  I had the honor of photographing her for her senior photos, in her sister’s wedding, her engagement session and then her and Aaron’s wonderful wedding!  And let me say what a wonderful, elegant and endearing lady she is :)  One thing I loved about photographing the two of them is that when they are together they are at ease~it is as if there is no one else is on the planet but the two of them.

They had there ceremony & reception at The Berg, which is a super cool venue to photograph!!!!  And they were married the same weekend in May that it actually snowed!!!  But luckily no snow during our photo time :)

A big thank you to my associate photographer Nate Robinson for helping me capture Tracy & Aaron’s wedding day :)

I loved Tracy’s dress and her Toms!  I would have totally worn Tom’s to my wedding if I would had them when I got married!  I hate to have sore feet :)





Sister love makes my heart happy :)


Seriously, just beautiful.tracy-57


How awesome are the orange polka dot bow ties?  WAY AWESOME!!!!!!


This is a moment that always gets to me and this was no exception.  When Tracy saw Aaron she picked up her step a bit to hurry to him :)  I was not sure whether to laugh or cry it was so awesome!tracy-115 tracy-142 tracy-188

This is hilarious!  We were having fun with some animated photos :)tracy-209

love it!  Aaron has so many awesome expressions!  And Tracy is so cute when she wrinkles her nose :)tracy-214 tracy-227 tracy-248 tracy-255 tracy-286 tracy-216 tracy-269

This is how fun they are :)


And if I didn’t mention how awesome her sister Megan and brother-in-law John are~ well they are awesome :)


It was so fun to photograph all of the details of their wedding, the color pallet itself was enough to make me happy!  Awesome job by Shana Vaughn Designs!tracy-438

how cute is this little lady?tracy-413


During the ceremony Megan and John sung the sweetest little song :)  It was lovely :)dennis1tracy-501

And for my photo obsession of cake balls-here it is!  Let me tell you it is really hard to look at lots of photos of cake balls and not have any on hand.  While editing, all I could think about is cake balls!!!!!!!


After the ceremony Tracy & Aaron changed from white to black!  Fun reception change!!!!tracy-570

Catering by Jack Stack!  Best dang shrimp I have ever had!!!!!!tracy-544 tracy-588 tracy-635 tracy-651

And the party got started :)  Super fun crowd!tracy-751

I was so excited to have a little photo fun in the courtyard at The Berg!  I love the hanging lights!!!!tracy-853

Congratulations Tracy & Aaron!  I was so happy to be there to photograph your wedding day!!!!!

I kicked off my wedding season with a wonderful wedding at the Redemptorist and fabulous reception at 28 Event space!  Goodness, I thought spring would never arrive but we did have traces of it showing :)  The day started off with a bit of good luck rain 😉  And made for some cool clouds as well!

Matt & Amie are so fun and easy going.  It was such a joy to be around them and witness their promise to love each other forever.   I imagine them having like a million friends in high school :)  I knew it was going to be a fun reception when I saw that they were giving everyone personalized shot glasses.  And fun it was!  Especially at the end when we went outside for some sparkler fun!!!!

I will let the photos tell the story of the day!  One thing I love about 28 Event Space is their awesome rooms for getting ready and the bride and groom have a room to stay in that night!!!

We did have a little excitement with Amie’s zipper to her wedding dress, but rest assured it all worked out :)   Zippers have a way of sticking at the most inopportune moments, lol.

Shout out to my second shooter and associate photographer Nate Robinson and my assistant for the day, McKenna!!!!!  Thanks for the great work!

bartley-21 bartley-12

While I was hanging with the girls, Nate was grabbing some shots of the guys getting ready and having fun :)



It was such a sweet moment when they first saw each other on their wedding day!


One super awesome thing about weddings after rain is the reflections :)


Woah!  Very lovely lady!bartley-237

And handsome groom!bartley-239bartley-226bartley-264 bartley-301bartley-291

If you are wondering if this was a hard shot to pull off in this space…the answer is yes :)  But totally worth it!bartley-334

Nate going for the HOT shot!bartley-347 bartley-437bartley-534 bartley-550

Yay!  Married!!!!!bartley-601bartley-471 bartley-614 bartley-622 bartley-650 bartley-750

I dont think I have ever seen little dudes with such good moves!  Look out ladies!bartley-737

Super awesomeness!!!!!!!!  bartley-840

Congratulations!!!!!!!!  And thank you for trusting me to document your love day!!!!!!


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