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I love my job.  I say this a lot, but at the end of the day, my job was watching and photographing two people love each other.  Who gets to do this?  Well, wedding vendors and probably a few other professions I can’t think of right now :)  While my feet may hurt at the end of the day, my muscles are a bit tired the next day, and countless hours on the computer finishing everything, I still think I have the best job ever that leaves my heart happy :)

Having the privilege of working with Jamie and Evan was just the icing on the cake.  I really just love them.  I watched them laugh and I laughed.  I watched them through the emotions of the day and I smiled.  I watched them just being themselves and I loved it.  Both Jamie and Evan are so full of life.  They are both so kind, of course adorable and just so dang fun!!!  And Jamie’s got just enough sass to make her my kind of girl 😉

I want to thank Jessica Peterson for coming along to help out, a perfect addition to such a fabulous day :)

I will start with Jamie’s lovely dress.  I am still dying over the added wedding belt!!!

Awesome robes!!!  Love them!

Such an incredibly beautiful bride!!!!

I know they were both very anxious to see each other on their wedding day :)  See the girls peeking around the corner to watch ?

photobomber 😉

bust it out boyyyyzzzzzz


A little tilt-shift lens fun :)

Three favorites coming right up!  I love Jamie’s eyes!!!

Little cuties!!!

Shooting at the Berg is always fun and one of my favorite things is seeing what a couple does with the magnet wall!!!!

Right after the ceremony, we went outside for a little sparkler fun!!!!  I loooovvvve sparkler fun :)

I am crazy about the mini pumpkin pies!!!!

Ok Miss Ashley, I am ready 😉  Your next!


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