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It is really amazing how much you can learn about someone by watching them on their wedding day.  I noticed so many things that I hadn’t noticed on the engagement shoot.   I noticed that Amanda touches her nose when she is going to cry, her sister does this as well.  I noticed that when Amanda and Skylyr laugh together their heads tilt in the same way.  I learned that the moment Amanda was next to Skylyr holding his hand for a prayer, in which they did not see leach other that Amanda could breathe easier.   It was a beautiful, joyful day full of emotion. It was also a hot one as this summer has been consistent. So after a lovely ceremony at The President Hotel, we made quick use of our outside time to capture some fun shots of the bride and groom and wedding party.  And a big thank you to my second shooter, Mike, for all his help :)  With both of us shooting we made great use of the 25 minutes we ventured outside after the ceremony :)  The reception was elegant, and had some very fun surprises you will see further down the post!

I will start with Amanda’s beautiful dress that fit her so perfectly!

Amanda has the loveliest eyes :)

And the handsome groom to be!

I love how amazing Amanda looks in this dress!

They had the sweetest prayer time before the ceremony, where they were careful not to see each other :)

And they are married!!!

The flowers were by Dan Meiners.  He always does such a wonderful job!

Before Amanda and Skylyr had their first dance, he surprised her by serenading her on the dance floor!!!!

Ok, so this dancing shot is kind of funny :)  I just happened to catch an expression and the lights in the background at the right time to look like Amanda is eating a glowing lightbulb, lol!

And the real sweet one :)

And Amanda had a bit of a surprise planned herself!  While a bit of their story was being told of how Skylyr had arranged for the jumbotron at the Royals game to say “Thank you for saying yes” after he proposed, Slugger came running in for a surprise!!!  It was so awesome to see the look on everyone’s face!!!

The view from the President gets me every time!  So cool!

congratulations!!!!!  And I wish you two a lifetime of hugs and kisses!

I am so lucky that I get to hang out with the best girls on their wedding days, and Robin was no exception.  I have known Robin and Matt through about a half dozen other weddings I have photographed and I was very much looking forward to their big day!  I knew it would be fabulous but I couldn’t truly have imagined how much time went into planning and decorating all of the events.  For a photographer or a wedding lover, it was like being a kid in a candy story!  And let me tell you, my brides know how to put on a wedding :)  Robin and her girls have helped each other put together some super cool weddings that I was fortunate enough to photograph, 2 of which have already been published :)

This blog has taken me a bit to get finished because I practically edited the whole wedding to find all of the photos I wanted to use to tell the whole story :)  So this will be a big post, and I am sure I still will not be showing every bit of its awesomeness!!!!  My associate photographer Nate was shooting with me that day and between him and me we had a million shots to go through!  Maybe not a million but TONS!

I am going to tell the story while posting the photos!  The girls started their day off at the Intercontinental getting their hair and makeup done by the fabulous Melissa Evans and Drew Proud!

And then they headed to the farm in Plattsburgh where they were having a beautiful outdoor wedding!  Robin is a dentist in Plattsburgh!!!

The farm was beautiful!  It had the feel of a southern plantation house. They were going to have the wedding around 12pm with a luncheon immediately following on the farm.  As we were driving to the farm, I could see some lightning in the distance and some thunderclouds rolling in.  I was a bit worried about the outdoor ceremony.  And sure enough after we got to the farm it started letting loose.  With the help of Erin (who was helping coordinate the wedding-also one of my fabulous brides!), they moved the luncheon first which was in the barn in hopes of the rain blowing over so they could still have the outdoor ceremony!  And it worked perfectly!!  And everyone enjoyed strawberry mojitos, cucumber water and lemonade while they waited :)

Robin had a great assortment of shoes that suited her from the farm ceremony to the elegant reception at the Intercontinental!  Jimmy Choos, Toms, and boots!!

Robin gave each of her bridesmaids a different vintage handkerchief  to wrap around their bouquets!  I love that idea!

while I was with the girls, Nate was hanging with the boys and I am dying over this shot inside the cabin where the boys were.  The little cabin was so cool, I want to vacation in a place like that!

And while I was with the girls waiting for the rain to stop, I got to do a shot I have wanted to do for a long time!!!!  Bride in a footed bathtub!!!  Thank you Robin for letting me put you in your dress in a bathtub :)

How awesome is the Shatto milk in the wheelbarrows?!  I have been wanting some ever since!

The rain cleared out and the ceremony was on!

during the ceremony Jason sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow for the ceremony although my girl and his girl :)  Lindsay got a personal serenade while holding the mic :)

Now this is what a kiss should look like :)

I am crazy about fun straws!!!  And stir sticks :)

Dang I love photographing at farms!

Right before Robin and Matt got on their party bus to take them back to the city for their reception they let me put them in the corn field ( we had an epic corn field shot on their engagement shoot!) and the we jumped in the middle of the road for some of my favorite shots!!!

And I can always count on Nate for a fun angle!!!

And let me just say…..Holy Schmoly Robin!!!!!!!

On our way to the reception we stopped in a little block of KC that I love….I call it the Birdies block :)  We ran into Snow and Co. for a cool beverage, cool photos, and ac!  Totally Robin’s idea!  And I have to admit I have been there since because it was such a great idea!

Then it was time to kick off the Toms and put on the Jimmy Choos!  And if I wasn’t overwhelmed by the details at the farm, the ones at the reception would have done the trick!

Both Matt and Robin are dentists so I love the play on the Sweet Tooth table!!!  And they even gave out personalized toothbrushes !  Now I will think of them while I brush my teeth 😉

And they gave out seeds as favors with a little sign that said “please take one and watch love grow”  So if my mint seeds grow, I will think of Robin & Matt while drinking a mojito!  Grow mint grow!!!!

The toast made by everyone where so good!  There were tears and laughter shared by many!

Robin & Matt’s cousin shared a little hula hoop awesomeness at the reception as well!

Here is a shot of me with all of my brides and brides to be that were at Robin’s wedding!  Wonderful girls!!!!!  I heart them :)

Congratulations Robin & Matt!!  I wish you a like time of kisses like you just got married!!!

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