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What a wonderful wedding day it was for Molly and Kyle, their hearts were full of happiness.  I was so excited to be photographing Molly’s wedding!  I had the pleasure of taking Molly’s senior photos, her brother’s senior photos, her maid of honor’s wedding and several of Molly’s friends senior photos!!  And I just love Molly’s mom and feel like we have been friends for ages.  So it made the day even that much more special to be a part of and witness such a wonderful, momentous day in their lives :)  I can say that the amount of happy tears shed that day were abundant by many :)

On to photos!!!!

insanely beautiful dress!!!!!  and love the toms!!!

I love Molly’s garter!  Molly & Kyle met in Arkansas as Razorbacks!!

And the first moment of the day that brought tears to my eyes!!!!

Hello beautiful bride!!!!!!!

And the 2nd moment of the day that brought tears to my eyes!!!

The boys!!!

The girls were getting hit by some pretty good wind, but still looked beautiful!!!!!!

And some of my very favorite photos of the day were right in this spot!!  I know Molly has a love of bright happy colors, so I picked this spot just for her!!!!

Handsome groom!!!!

Super fun group shot that I put a little HDR spin on :)

love these girls!!!!!

Did I mention how INCREDIBLE Molly’s flowers were?!!!!!  Beco Flowers did an amazing job!  I always wanted to photograph a bouquet as cool as this one!!!!!!

And here comes the bride!!!!!!!

Pretty reception flowers and cakes!!!  How cool is the grooms cake?!


I love some good photo booth photos!!!!

Congratulations to you and wishing you a million years of happiness!!!!

I am so excited to share the photographs from my weekend in New York photographing a very sweet loving wedding ceremony!  The whole weekend went by so fast, but so wonderful.  I took my husband with me for the weekend and he even picked up a few new camera skills!  A few of these shots are going to be his :)  We flew into LaGuardia airport and rented a car and headed for the mountains!  The wedding was at The Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY.  It is a beautiful nature resort set along the Esopus Creek in the Catskill Mountains.  It is such a remote peaceful getaway.  There is zero cell phone service, lol!  Everone stayed in cabins spread out around the resort and there were different buildings for many different festivities!  After checking in, my husband and I started exploring the grounds.  I wanted to get a good plan of where some of my favorite shooting spots were going to be :)  I could have just hung out by the creek and skipped rocks for hours.  Yes, I was really skipping rocks.  We videotaped it :)

I am going to start with a few photos around the resort that I took on friday.  Would have been super cool if it had really been a full moon in this pic, haha!  Also forewarning of a lot of mossy pics.  I was loving the green moss growing on everything in site !!

I even learned how to work the self timer on my camera :)  And just in case you were wondering, it is pretty tricky to move a bunch of rocks to make your perfectly placed tripod and then run into the photo in 10 seconds jumping around a bunch of rocks.  I still have a nice shin bruise for one rocked that popped up and caught me in the shin 😉  But voila, pic of my and hubby in front of waterfall in not perfect light :)

And then it was off to a bbq that the bride and groom were having to greet their guests!  Very quaint, relaxing time they were enjoying visiting with their friends and family who have traveled from all over the world to be there!  From Israel, Hong Kong, the Midwest, and New York City of course.  I don’t know where everyone came from but those are just a few of places I remember off hand!

And I don’t remember the last time I saw the stars so vividly than I did from the resort.  I attempted a long exposure shot to capture them…..however my head is in the shot as I was jumping out of the way 😉

Ok…ready to see wedding images?

And the first time seeing each other on their wedding day right outside their cabin :)

And these two sisters were so sweet, I must have taken a million photos of them over the weekend!  They are from Israel and didn’t speak much English, so it was pretty funny watching me trying to get them to go here or there for photos :)

Although the groom’s mom wasn’t in the country they were all able to Skype with her several times throughout the day and ceremony!!!!

beautiful bride!!!!

While I was waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle, I spied this little cutie with dimples to die for :)

Love this shot my husband got with the wide angle!!!!

And if anyone heard me giggle during the ceremony….it might have been after this shot :)

We went on a little walkabout after the ceremony through the woods down to the water for some fun shots!!!

The girls!!!!

And this is the walk to the cocktail hour and reception.  Can you believe this setting?  Gorgeous!!!

This reception was rocking the Catskill’s that is for sure!!!

This shot cracks me up!  I was experimenting with some long exposures and zooming in and out and made the girls look like superheros!  Hahahahaha!!


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