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If I were to say what one downfall to being a relative of mine is not seeing photos that I take on my blog, lol!  Well, I don’t always bring my camera with me when I am happy to just hang with the family on a day off.  But sometimes I do and as much as I enjoy shooting for fun, I get caught up in my client orders and sessions that I only edit a couple of my faves.  Well, it is time to catch up on everything and I have a couple of months to do it :)

So thinking of warm late summer days at my parent’s farm, I will look forward to spending another day like this one with family!

This is what it looks like standing in front of my mom’s house on a beautiful day :)

Love taking the 4 wheelers out.  this is what fun looks like 😉

Truman & Ally always excited to ride the tractors with poppy!!!!

and the super model of the day award goes to…………………my nephew Truman :)

And Marcella was not loving the camera on this day but I think she is warming up 😉  The next time she will be putty in my hands :)  But she forgot about me when her brother was distracting her, yeah!

And what I think I brought my camera for was to try to get a few nakee shots of my brother Dave’s new baby girl.  Isn’t she precious?!?!?!??!!?!  I wish we all lived closer :)

And my mom working the magic to get me a sleepy baby :)

Happy New Year everyone!!!!  Ryan & Danice’s wedding is the first blog post of the year!!!!!  And what a fun wedding to end 2011 and start 2012!!!!  Everyone was having such a good time celebrating!  It was also Danice’s birthday!  My associate photographer Nate Robinson was shooting with me and I got my husband to be my assistant which meant that I also got a midnight kiss ;)!!  Speaking of a midnight kiss, somehow we got a countdown starting around 5,4,3,2,1 and Nate pulled out some ninja moves getting the table to the middle of the dance floor for Ryan & Danice to stand on for the balloon drop!  That was some fast timing!

I will start with Danice’s dress, the layers on it were so awesome!  Soft and flowing!

And if you are going to get married on New Year’s Eve, you are going to need a party dress!  Check out Danice’s reception dress!!!!

Nate hung out with the boys getting some getting ready shots!


I love that Danice come down the escalator to see Ryan for the first time on their wedding day!!!!

There was no way my squeaky toy or Danice’s efforts were getting this frown to turn upside down 😉  Still cute as heck though!

Beautiful bride, beautiful warm day and beautiful dress!!!!

while I was photographing the girlies, Nate was capturing the guys having some soccer fun!  If I am remembering right Ryan and most of his groomsmen have been playing soccer together for a long time!!

I love the angle Nate had on this next shot!

So I am pretty much in love with every shot of mine and Nate’s on this bridge :)  So I will show two, first mine second Nate’s :)

And proof that I am funny :)  Seriously though, these may be my favorite’s of the day :)  Real laughs are my favorite :)

The reception was decorated so elegantly, I loved the different clocks everywhere and the little champagne bottle favors!!

I love Danice & Ryan’s reaction to their friend’s crying :)

I have to say that one thing that really stuck with me at the end of the night was Danice’s grandparents.  I so much enjoyed watching them throughout the day.  Their love for Danice and their lasting love for each other was wonderful and inspiring to see.

And if Ryan didn’t know he had a keeper before this moment, he sure did then 😉  Sometimes a bump in your wedding like……say…..having the fire department come check for a gas leak……..could have sent a bride into a fit.  But that wasn’t the case here!  Love the next two pics!


and then the party got started :)

Happy New Year!!!

And to end the night with a little late night drive through!!!  Congrats and happy  2012!!!!!


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