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November 12th, 2011 Ginna Cohen became Mrs. Richard.  And what a wonderful day it was :)  Ginna and Jason are so sweet and caring.  Anyone near Ginna on this day could tell you that they have never seen a happier bride.  Weddings can be very hectic and it is easy enough to let your nerves get the best of you, but there was no way that was happening for these two :)  Well, Jason might have been a little nervous waiting to see his bride to be for the first time 😉  But after that, nothing but joy and fun.  After Ginna and Jason’s first time seeing each other on their wedding day, they decided to go around to a few places for pictures with just the two of them and me of course ;).  What an awesome idea!  They had time to soak in each other, take romantic photos and then meet up with their bridal party for some fun!  Their reception was at the carriage club, one of my new favorite venues!  The window light in there is insanely gorgeous!  And all of the details at the reception are to die for :)

I have to start with a repeat of one of their engagement session pics!  Their e-session was epic and worth showing a million times!  Heck, I was nervous wondering how in the world I was going to top that, haha!  Wheat field, storm in minutes, gorgeous couple=awesome!

Got to give some love to the “ode to Pearl Jam” photo!!!

Yummy take home treats!!!!!

Congratulations!!!!  And thank you for my thank you card :)

I am not sure if words can convey my excitement for this wedding post.  I know there is a lot of anticipation for many waiting for this post, and I wanted to make sure to sufficiently cover all of the awesomeness of Jason & Lindsey’s wedding, so it took a bit longer, lol!!!

I mean really, there was so much time and love put into every aspect of Lindsey & Jason’s wedding that I would need hundred’s of photos to not leave anything out.  So prepare for a big post :)

I have to start by saying that Lindsey, well Lindsey is my girl :)  I just love her, and I have found a soft spot for Jason as well :)  We have known each other for awhile, she  makes everyone smile, her sense of humor and style is amazing and she has a heart of gold.  As many times as I have photographed Lindsey over the years, my very favorite photos of Lindsey are with Jason!  When they are together, they both have that smile that is made with love.  Their eyes tell their story.  I was so honored to be a part of their wedding.  It was such a beautiful day.  I have goosebumps remembering right after the ceremony after they walked back down the aisle to smiles and waving homemade flags the moment they embraced and Lindsey said to Jason with tears in her eyes “Everything was perfect, just perfect.”  GOOSEBUMPS!!!!

I think I will start out this post with Lindsey’s shoes :)  Both pairs :)

And I just loved this photo, hahaha.  No, she is not really naked :)  I also love that you can see Lindsey’s mom getting her make-up done by the fab Melissa Evans in the reflection of the picture :)  Lindsey’s beautiful make-up was done by her very own east coast cousin :)

And the handsome groom :)

And the moment they first saw each other on their wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!   I may have had the blindfold on too tight, oops :)

When deciding where to go for fun photos with the two of them and the bridal party, Lindsey told me to just pic and surprise her!  LOL, the pressure!!!!  I think I picked perfect for them :)

Inspired by pinterest :)

I am dying over this!  And quite an adventure of a location :)

Seriously, luckiest photographer ever here :)

Some fun family photos!

Their ceremony and reception was off the charts, way off the charts of awesomeness :)

I am in love with all of the different shaped jewel toned bottles decorating the tables, I even contributed to the collection of pretty glass :)

It was so cool how everyone sat at their tables and enjoyed the ceremony :)

Their favors were personalized glasses with chalk paint!

And that moment I was talking about in the post…..right here :)

And I was obsessed with the desert table!

And the smores  table!!!!  LOVE!!!

And me with my past and future brides at Lindsey’s wedding!!! My hair was pretty disheveled by this time of the night, ha.

And I will end with one of my faves!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to you both and I wish you a lifetime of happiness with a bunch of babies :)  Smooches!!!!!!

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