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Erin and Jason met while they were both going to school at Georgia Tech.  I met Erin when she was a senior here at PHS.  I took her senior photos and her maid of honor’s senior photos too :)  So I already knew how awesome Erin was and when I met Jason, I was so glad to find out that he is super awesome too :)  I loved listening to Molly’s moh speech because she really said so many of the things that I really think make Erin so awesome!!!  Erin is of course undeniably beautiful, but more than just what  someone walking by would notice (and believe me, they notice) she is a beautiful person.  She is so kind and so humble.  Her and Jason are so adorable together.  You can tell by the way they look at each other and smile together that they know how to love.

If I could hope for one thing for my very own family and children, I think knowing how to really  love would be tops.

So on to fun, fun photos!!!!!!

Did I mention how beautiful her dress was?  Super wow :)

the view out of the bridal suite!

I love that Erin wore Toms for her wedding shoes!  And her garter came from etsy- love!

Looking sharp :)

I always love the moment when a couple first see each other on their wedding day :)

Beautiful ladies!!!!!

They thought it would be fun to do a shot of the boys picking up Erin and the girls picking up Jason and well……..the boys really failed , lol!  But it made for funny photos :)

And look how easy it was for the girls not to drop Jason on his face :)

Very proud dad :)

And the first dance!!!

Yeah!!!!  Congrats!  Also look for more of Jason & Erin coming up on the blog in a super fun concept shoot that we actually shot after the wedding!!!!!!!!

I will start off by admitting that this lady does not see a whole lot of sunrises in a year, especially when sunrises at 6ish am.  BUT, it sure is a lovely feeling to be driving out to the country  to an engagement session while the sun rises.  I met Matt and Robin in Plattsburg where Robin now has her own dentist practice at 6:30 in the morning.  We were able to shoot at Dr. Hobbs farm and I was so stoked when I saw all of the cool places to shoot.  Robin and Matt are also going to be having their ceremony there which will be soooooooooo awesome!!!!

Here are a few of my faves of the session!!!

I shot this out my car window at a stoplight :)

This is my super favorite!!!!!  I totally love that quilt that Robin brought!!!!!

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