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I am so excited about Justin & Nicole’s engagement session!  And I am so excited for SUNSHINE!!!!!  I was starting to feel like winter was never going to end and after Justin and Nicole’s session, I remembered my happy spot!  That is my photography happy spot, shooting in a field at sunset :)

And Justin and Nicole were so much fun to shoot!  I absolutely love the look Nicole gives when Justin is giving her squeezes and kisses :)  I lead with one of those!

I love it!  So cute!

This was fun!!!  Haha!


So beautiful!

I have so many favorites of Katie that it is hard to pick which ones to post for a sneak preview!  Katie has such a warm happy smile that it makes you want to smile as well!!   It was so fun seeing her older sister whom  I also photographed her senior year!  Hope you love these!  It was such a fun shoot!!!

super fave!!!!


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