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Kaitlin and Ryan were married just one day after my wedding anniversary!  September is generally such a great time to get married!  But there is the occasional storm, lol.  Even with the clouds rolling in and thunder in the background, Kaitlin and Ryan were both calm and smiling.  There was no way a little rain or thunder was going to change their mood on their wedding day.  However for the sake of good photography, I was trying to get as much as I could squeeze in before the storms hit 😉

Ryan and Kaitlin were married at The Village Presbyterian Church.  This was my first time shooting a wedding at this church and I was sooooooooooo  excited!  There were so many fantastic spots for photos all right there at the church!  And the rain waited until about half way through the ceremony to let loose!  Great timing, and everyone knows that rain on your wedding day is good luck 😉

I am always excited to see the bride’s dress, because they are always unique.  I am always surprised :)  So I will start with the dress!

Kaitlin had the lovliest Kate Spade shoes!  They reminded me of an art sculpture :)

And my favorite part of the day :)  Did I mention that Kaitlin has absolute to die for dimples and a smile :)

I just love the colors of the bridesmaids dress!

I also love this shot my assistant Melissa got from the balcony of Kaitlin walking down the aisle :)

And they are married!!!!!!

A few more shots in the rain before we headed to the reception at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art !

Our parking garage shot in tribute to their engagement session :)

This is Kaitlin and Ryan’s favorite art piece at the museum :)

And the cutting of the cupcake :)  I meant to say the seriously delicious cupcake!

I just loved how much fun everyone was having singing and dancing :)

And back to another one of my favorites!!

Congratulations!!!  Hope Hawaii was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was her prince and she was his princess.  It’s a love story and she said YES!  This was the perfect song and theme for Julee and Brad’s wedding day and the funny thing is that everyone tells Julee that she looks like Taylor Swift!

Their wedding was wonderful and grand and every detail was attended to.  I was in heaven photographing this beautifully styled wedding.  But more than the fabulous details, the fabulous wedding party, and beauty of the bride and groom, my favorite thing about the day is that I truly felt the emotion and love they had for each other and their families.

When I first met Julee, she came to me with tear sheets from fashion wedding magazines with images she loved.  I knew she was my kind of girl 😉  She is creative and fashionable!  Brad and Julee were living in NY when we booked their wedding and we had big plans to have a fun bridal fashion shoot in NY post wedding, but right in the middle of her wedding planning life throws them a few changes and they move to LA!  So guess where I am going in two weeks?!?!?!?!?!?  Santa Monica, here I come!   So stay tuned for more Brad and Julee beach photos!!!!!

Here are some of my faves from their day!!!  Also a shout out for my intern Jillian for being a big help!  Thank-you!  Thank-you!

I LOVED Julee’s dress!!  Check out the bottom of the dress!  And her bracelets were super fab!  Actually all of the bridesmaids wore different jewelry!

Brad and Julee absolutely adore their neices and nephews!  I predict them having a large family :)

And the flowers were so beautiful!!!  Also shown here are their programs rolled like a scroll around a branch-super love!

And yeah their married!!!!!!  Everyone waved their ribbon sticks!

Then after the ceremony, the whole wedding party hopped on the trolley and the festivities begin!!!!!

Fun!  Fun!

WOW!  Just wow!

Did I mention that she had the most fabulous Christian Louboutin shoes!!!!!

More shoe fun!  Yep, this was one of the tear-sheets :)

Did I mention fabulous wedding party 😉

Julee rockin my new chair that I got just that MORNING!!  Score!

Holy Hot!


Now this is one of the coolest thing I have seen at a wedding!  Before you walked into the ballroom at the President Hotel, there was a row of wedding gowns all previously worn by family!  One of them even dated back to the 1800’s!!

The table names came from both their NY and LA side!  And I loved the glass coasters were all swatches from Guess handbags!

Even the ladies room details were left in style!  Speaking of style~ meet the sorority girls!

Brad and Julee joined the kids for a little ring around the rosey on the dance floor!  The cutest thing ever!

And a big thank you to my friend Lindsey for telling Julee about me :)  Also she is now engaged!!!!!!!!!

Their are a lot of wonderful dance photos but the bride and groom’s first dance was just beautiful :)

Check back for beach photos!!!!


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