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Just days before Kathryn packed up and moved to Florida to be with her Navy man, we squeezed in an engagement session!  I loved that they wanted to do a few shots in Greg’s uniform!

I am super gushing over this session and will be even more excited to shoot their wedding next June!

I took Kathryn and her sister’s senior pics so I already knew how photogenic she was!  And together they are a photographer’s dream, cute as heck :)  I have so many faves, it is hard to choose!  So here goes!

Oh yeah, and Kathryn has the longest eyelashes EVER!

Super Love!

Did you know that it takes a lot of concentration to try to make two big bubbles at the same time, lol :)

Ummmmm……can you say beautiful people!

Hope you are getting settled in sunny Florida!!!!!


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