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When I am editing someone’s wedding photos, I feel a little bad sometimes that I get to relive all the awesome moments and parts of the day before I deliver the photos to the brides and grooms.  But it is really fun to go through all of the photos that I took and all of them that my second photographer, Nate took and perfect them for the couple and their families :) I am excited to share Melissa & Ed’s photos of their wonderful wedding celebration.  And I wanted to share a few from their engagement shoot that I haven’t shared yet!  I flew to Dallas, where Melissa & Ed live, and we had a great time shooting around the city and a wonderful time having tacos and margaritas afterwards :)  I enjoyed so much getting to know them.  And if you are reading this and know these two, I am sure you also adore them, because it is impossible not to :)  Ohhhhhh, I feel warm just thinking about this day in Texas! melissa-104blog melissa-187blog melissa-206blog melissa-211web melissa-215blog   And now back to their wedding day!!!!!  I will start with the girls getting ready and Melissa’s beautiful dress and super fab shoes! hegedus-8 hegedus-41TWO incredible dresses and Jimmy Choos!!!!!! hegedus-128 hegedus-70hegedus-25
hegedus-58 hegedus-109 Seriously, Melissa made my job so easy.  She is such a beauty :)hegedus-133 Craig Sole setting the handsome groom up with his boutonniere before he was to see his bride to be :)hegedus-162 Their first look was so sweet :)  And Melissa had a great surprise gift for Ed :)hegedus-146 hegedus-152 hegedus-183 I have to say that I really really loved this wedding party too!  Such a fun classy party!hegedus-198 hegedus-206 hegedus-227 hegedus-261 I will admit that I think this is extra great because of Edward’s dimples and Melissa’s arms :)  Whoa guns!hegedus-269 hegedus-279 hegedus-300 I am always a fan of a big champagne spray :)hegedus-321And this is what you call a movie star kiss!!!!!!hegedus-330 Super favorite!hegedus-333 hegedus-336 Our Lady of Sorrows is one of my favorite churches.  So Beautiful!!!!hegedus-432 hegedus-351 Beautiful flowers by Craig Sole Design!hegedus-357 hegedus-360 hegedus-372 hegedus-427 hegedus-444 hegedus-469 Their reception was at The Gallery, and it was so elegant!!!!!!!!hegedus-521 hegedus-525 While I thought the whole reception was incredible I was over the moon by this little touch.  The way the lights hit the crystals made beautiful photos and a great way to separate the areas!hegedus-546 hegedus-602 hegedus-664 hegedus-658 So much fun to be had!!!!!!!!!  I love the flower girl bribing the other with a starburst :)  And of course Melissa’s reception dress!!!hegedus-778 I am a sucker for this view!  Every. Single. Time.hegedus-770   Congratulations!!!!!!!!  I hope you are having a super awesome time on your honeymoon!!!!!!

It is always exciting to get to travel to another city for an engagement or wedding to photograph.  I love exploring and photographing new scenes.  I flew to Chicago where Sarah & Joe both live to photograph their engagement session.  Their wedding will be here in KC this fall.  I always think it is a great idea to have your engagement session in the area where a couple is starting their lives together.  It will be such a wonderful way to remind them of that time no matter where they end up living down the road :)

I had a lot of favorites from this session and a great quick tour of Chicago :)  One of my favorites are under this bridge!  I LOVED this spot :)

sarah-24 sarah-29 sarah-34 LOVE!!!!!sarah-36 Green light!  It’s a go for the wedding 😉sarah-42 sarah-44 sarah-58 When we drove by this amazing church I wanted to photograph, Joe stopped the cab and we hopped out.  It was soooo beautiful!sarah-59 sarah-66And back in another cab to the next location :)
sarah-73 Water, sun, sand and a beautiful view.  This would be my happy spot if I lived there :)sarah-79 sarah-87 sarah-96 Then we headed to Joe’s apartment which had a great view for a glass of wine before dinner and a few rooftop photos :)  Chicago in a glass :)sarah-118b sarah-122 Adorable cabbie photos :)sarah-127

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