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Wedding season really kicked into gear for me the with Paul and Allie’s wedding being the first of every weekend for a few months booked for weddings!  Which is super exciting because I get to eat a lot of cake 😉  Just kidding….but I do love cake :p!

This wedding was pretty special as it is another wedding where I have been blessed to have worked with some of the families in the past.  I have photographed the groom’s senior photos and more senior photos and weddings and family photos and some of their friends weddings too!  I loved seeing all of them and getting to know Allie’s family too!  Super wonderful families coming together!

Their wedding was at the Red Barn Farm in the new barn and it was my first time shooting there!  It was so lovely!  A photographers dream!  Speaking of photographers dream, Allie had a whole line up of fabulous vendors making every little part perfect!  Starting with Wedding by Hannah, always such a pleasure to work with!  The barn was just so beautiful with all of the flowers by Good Earth Floral Design Studio and all the goodies from Ultra Pom Event Rental!  The photo bus was there making extra fun for the guests!  The food and drinks were amazing!   I am going to have to come back to this with some other vendor love!

As lovely as the whole event was it was nothing compared to the obvious love that Allie and Paul shared for each other.  Together they were so at ease and  just being around them made you feel happy.  It is hard to describe what I could see of the two of them together on a blog but anybody who knows them will understand when I say they just fit together perfectly :)

Big shout out to Mike Tsai for capturing the day with me and of course for the selfies :)

I have about a bazillion photos to share……just couldn’t stop!

HAMM-3_WEB Allie’s dress was so beautiful and I loved that she wore cowboy boots :)HAMM-8_WEB Handsome groom!HAMM-17_WEB HAMM-26_WEB Beautiful bride!!!!HAMM-63_WEB HAMM-76_WEB HAMM-79_WEB When a dad sees his little girl in her wedding dress is one of my favorite moments of a wedding :)HAMM-90_WEB I also love these funny photos :)HAMM-179_WEBI have photographed this little lady before and she is always a Hamm ;p
HAMM-207_WEBSuch a lovely bridal bouquet!!!!!HAMM-160_WEB HAMM-170_WEB Love this series!  This is a gal who is fun and comfortable in her own skin :)  HAMM-172_WEB HAMM-215_WEB HAMM-228_WEB HAMM-327_WEB HAMM-366_WEB The dads!  Who wants to guess their celebrity look alike’s?  HAMM-316_WEB This is perfectly acceptable, no need to waste a perfectly good snack :)HAMM-358_WEB HAMM-378_WEB HAMM-381_WEB HAMM-466_WEB HAMM-481_WEB Yay!  They are married!!!HAMM-258_WEB some of my favorite cuties!!!!HAMM-578_WEB HAMM-587_WEB HAMM-621_WEB Even the baby was making a funny face, lol!!!!HAMM-622_WEB HAMM-629_WEB HAMM-635_WEB HAMM-649_WEB HAMM-641_WEB HAMM-656_WEB These two.  Dang, so easy to photograph :)HAMM-675_WEB Mike assisting in the veil drop :)HAMM-694_WEB HAMM-678_WEB HAMM-700_WEB HAMM-403_WEB The room was so fabulous!!!!!!!!  HAMM-352_WEB Don’t worry little lady, that is the look I get when I see wedding cakes too :)HAMM-145_WEB HAMM-250_WEB HAMM-142_WEB HAMM-151_WEB HAMM-707_WEB HAMM-713_WEB Hannah getting the bridal party ready for their announcement!HAMM-721_WEB HAMM-735_WEB Seriously…..I wanted to just kiss this baby up :)HAMM-767_WEB One of my favorites!  I love how the background just goes on forever :)HAMM-794_WEB HAMM-797_WEB HAMM-867_WEB HAMM-894_WEB Everyone was ready to dance!  The groom had some moves :)HAMM-910_WEB Photo bus fun!HAMM-924_WEB HAMM-1035_WEB HAMM-1036_WEB Allie’s dad was so funny.  I think he startled Hannah by sneaking up on her :)HAMM-1041_WEB HAMM-1052_WEBCongratulations Allie & Paul!  Wishing you a lifetime of love and laughter!


Chris & Katie were married a couple of weeks ago at Longview Mansion on one of the loveliest days we’ve had.  And it was so fun to shoot at Longview again!  It is just so dang pretty there!  It was such an amazing day and absolute home run of a reception 😉  I know that I am not the only one still talking and thinking about all of the fun had at their wedding!

It was even more awesome because I know them and they are part of a community of great folks here at Lake Lotawana and Lee’s Summit.  Burt (everyone calls him by his last name) was my hubby’s roommate before we got married and they have known each other for a long time.  I hadn’t gotten a chance to know Katie very well before they were engaged as I think I miss a lot of fun lake parties while shooting weddings on Saturdays, lol!  But getting to know her and her daughter and even Burt better through their engagement and wedding was really really awesome and makes me even happier that they found each other!  And so happy that Katie liked my photography and trusted me with their memories :)  Yay!!

The sun was shining, the guests were smiling, the energy of the day and evening was palpable.  DJ Fernando was wonderful as always (best damn dj ever!) but the fact that him and Burt are friends and used to play baseball together made it even better!  The speeches were all wonderful but NO ONE will forget how they felt after hearing Katie’s daughter Kaia’s speech.  Seriously.  Sooooooooo good!  I might cry just thinking about it!  Lucky that my assistant Paige Kime was recording it on my other camera :)  And lucky that Paige was running the camera for a bit so my husband could spin me around the dance floor a time or two ;)!

It was so fun seeing everyone so happy and having so much fun.  I am pretty sure 90% of the guests were all friends.  Which meant the dance floor was crazy.  And also means that I might be posting a hella lotta reception photos and maybe a few that I wouldn’t normally post but since I know the culprits to any mischievous photos, no holding back!  Hahahahahaha!!!!!!  The video’s were too long to post on my blog so I will try to make a separate fb upload for the videos!

Cheers to BurtyandtheBride!!!!!!!!  See you on the lake!

Hello gorgeous dress and flowers!!

burt-10_WEB burt-44_WEB burt-27_WEB I am kinda crazy about these ring shots!!!  And love that Katie’s ring had several bands!burt-54_WEBThis kookie has made its way down the line to Katie :)
burt-131_WEB So lovely!burt-139_WEB burt-325_WEB The boys were all chillin and having fun until it was time to get dressed and ready to go :)burt-19_WEB burt-56_WEB burt-60_WEBBurt looking handsome with his new watch from Katie :)
burt-71_WEB The first look coming down the stairs was a show stopper :)burt-189_WEB burt-90_WEB burt-180_WEB burt-202_WEB burt-118_WEB If you know Katie, you can hear her laugh here :)burt-232_WEB burt-219_WEB Hello gorgeous eyes!!!!!burt-238_WEB burt-85_WEB burt-253_WEB Such a lovely group of ladies!!!burt-261_WEB burt-271_WEB That moment when you wonder who in the heck is photobombing your family photos and start to yell at them to get the hell out of the background and it is your husband :)  lol.  I still told him to get the hell out of the background :pburt-302_WEB Cutie flower girl and ring bearer!!!!burt-315_WEB And cutie Harper just because :)burt-321_WEB It is ceremony time!  Friends and family are all arriving, Fernando is doing a little fb live posting and Gibson is thinking about not going down that aisle, lol!burt-332_WEB burt-362_WEB After Katie’s dad walked her down the aisle, he also performed the ceremony.  That was really awesome!burt-371_WEB They’re married!!!!!!!burt-433_WEB Random bicyclist cruising through, lol!burt-434_WEB burt-445_WEB I was super excited to get to photograph them down at the pavilion as they were my first bride and groom photos there!!!!!burt-430_WEB burt-461_WEB burt-472_WEB The reception was beautiful!  Loved the uplighting!  Dang it, I just realized I forgot to eat cake!  Hate it when that happens :)burt-3_WEB burt-503_WEB Crazy cool sunset was going on!burt-519_WEB burt-525_WEB burt-559_WEB Get ready for all the feels!  and go watch the video!burt-562_WEB burt-576_WEB burt-586_WEB My hubby and his sister below :)burt-611_WEB Get it Sandman’s!!!!   And so great to see the lovely Mrs. Kim Hoffman!  And a photo of me and the boys below!!!  And sorry Mike, but couldn’t resist!!!!burt-660_WEB burt-736_WEB Love sparkler exits but always want to shoot it with two different lenses.  So I gave Paige the 135 to shoot another angle and love it!burt-794_WEB A little more sparkler fun!burt-813_WEBCongrats again to you both and your families!!!  Have fun honeymooning!


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