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I was on such a wedding high after I got home from shooting Erin & Matt’s wedding that I could barely sleep.  I worked a long day so my body said sleep, but my mind kept going over and over all of the awesome parts of the day!  Erin & Matt were married in Erin’s hometown Alma, Mo and then followed with a beautiful reception in the city at The Baltimore Club.  Small towns have this comfortable and romantic feeling about them.  The house Erin grew up in is just a stone’s throw from the church :)  Erin’s wedding was a bit of a tribute to her parents.  They were married on my parents wedding anniversary.  Erin & Matt never wanted a wedding (I think they would have been just as happy to run off to Vegas!) but her mom often spoke of missing out on her first dance & she didn’t want Erin to miss out. Erin & Matt had a surprise for them that you will see in this post!

So now I will share a whole bunch of awesomeness from Erin & Matt’s wedding day!  What a wonderful celebration it was!!!!!  I started with the girls while Jessica my 2nd photographer photographed the boys getting ready :)kreisel-10 Erin had a patch sewn inside her dress that consisted of swatches from her mom’s wedding dress, her grandma’s dress & (Matt’s mom) Cathy’s wedding dress. With their names hand embroidered in her handwriting. The pendant attached to the patch was from her  other grandma.kreisel-14 Some of the first tears and laughs shared that morning with plenty to come :)kreisel-30 I love Erin’s face as she was talking to Matt right before she put on her dress :)kreisel-48 kreisel-49 Crazy awesome eyes with this lady!!!  :)kreisel-65 kreisel-17 kreisel-88 The first look at the Baltimore club was awesome!kreisel-92 kreisel-127 And then Erin had a little surprise for Matt, their pup came running in for the first look too!!!!!!kreisel-102 Also one of my favorite moments.  This was their “we got this. we are a team.” handshake :)kreisel-138 kreisel-146 kreisel-151 The lovely ladies!kreisel-208 kreisel-164 kreisel-178 The handsome gentelmen!kreisel-234 kreisel-186 kreisel-188 kreisel-223 kreisel-296 But most of all, I loved their genuine natural expressions of happiness :)kreisel-305 kreisel-299 kreisel-319 kreisel-322 Hello hotties :)kreisel-328 kreisel-337 kreisel-339 kreisel-368 kreisel-374 kreisel-386 kreisel-395 I always love photos of Erin when she is laughing, so I asked Matt to tell her something to make her laugh when I give him the signal.  I don’t know what it was but I bet it was pretty funny and or appalling  :)kreisel-399 Hello pretty bride :)kreisel-417 kreisel-427 kreisel-423 Ha!kreisel-432 kreisel-435 While I was photographing this from the front, Jessica’s shot from the back!  Love!kreisel-441 kreisel-444 Matt’s dad’s old chevy was to be the get away car.  It is super cool!!!!!kreisel-452 Erin made sure to see her dad before the ceremony.  More tears :)kreisel-476 kreisel-580 kreisel-574 What a beautiful church!kreisel-597 kreisel-590 kreisel-646 kreisel-648 kreisel-655 Of course the bus ride back to the city was fun, it was an hour drive :)  Lots of celebrating!!!!kreisel-672 I spied some amazing long gravel roads on the way to Alma!  While it wasn’t on our itinerary, it was a must stop :)kreisel-679 kreisel-681 kreisel-683 If you build it, they will come!  Could be an analogy for a marriage and babies :)kreisel-691 The day of the wedding also happened to be some sort of comicon festival at bartle hall.  It was crazy seeing all of the characters walking around.  This little spidey had a big smile for this bride :)kreisel-808 kreisel-771 kreisel-782 kreisel-791 kreisel-74 Oh gosh what a beautiful room.  The Baltimore Club never disappoints!kreisel-800 kreisel-147 kreisel-845 kreisel-849 Does this look like a face you would trust not to smash cake in yours?  HA!  nope!kreisel-910After cake cutting Erin & her brother and their families made a video thanking their parents for all they have done for them and then Erin & Matt dedicated the first dance to her parents who had a small wedding with no reception and no first dance.  Not going to lie, I was all teared up!  It was the sweetest thing!
kreisel-931 kreisel-948 And then they happy couple took the dance floor!kreisel-967 kreisel-979 All the kiddos really got the party started!kreisel-878 kreisel-1032 This beautiful staircase and chandelier is a must for photos at the Baltimore Club!kreisel-1047 kreisel-1048

Congratulations you two!!!!!  I wish you a lifetime of giggles :)  xoxo

Kate and Zane were married in the middle of July on a warm pretty day.  It was a wonderful day filled with lots of happy laughs and happy tears :)  When I first walked into the Westin room where all the girls where getting ready,  my first thought was “wow, she REALLY is glowing!”  I know it is an overused expression for a bride but it was true.  Kate was radiant~and this was even before she had her hair, makeup and dress on.

While I photographed the girls getting ready, Mike went to Liberty to photograph Zane and all the guys getting ready at Zane’s house.  I remember the first thing Mike told me when I checked in with him on how it was going.  He said “Man!  They are all so nice!”  Which is so true, Zane is a class act.  He is kind and a gentleman.  And he smiles so much with Kate by his side :)

Thanks so much to Weddings by Hannah for making the day run so smooth and to Mike Tsai all the hard work!

I will start with the girls getting ready :)

patton-10 patton-15 patton-75 Love these two :)  Plus, I was dying over the back/cut of Kate’s dress!  patton-123 patton-32 patton-66 After everyone was ready we all met at the church where Kate had a special moment to see her dad in her dress and then her soon to be husband :)patton-133 patton-147 patton-160 The cuties!patton-258 patton-223 patton-288 patton-331 Their exit with the flower petals was so beautiful!!!patton-375Kate’s grandma who couldn’t be there was able to join in on the fun through Skype!
patton-389 patton-399 patton-407 patton-410 patton-422 So fun!!!!patton-433 The boys were checking out the girls.  Someone may have been showing some leg :)patton-496 patton-447 patton-460 patton-491 patton-495 patton-535 patton-544 patton-565 patton-578 patton-580 patton-611 patton-617 patton-620 patton-626 When we arrived at Union Station for their reception, I was in awe!  It was just so lovely!patton-672 patton-669 patton-699 patton-726 patton-709 patton-730 patton-757 We snuck out for a couple of sunset shots!  So glad we did!patton-771 patton-778 patton-836 patton-843 patton-881 patton-909 Then the party got started!!!!  So much fun dancing!!!!patton-1084 patton-1120Thank you so much for inviting me into your lives and choosing me to document your happily ever after :)  Smooches!!!!!


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