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Oh my goodness, what a fun wedding day Elizabeth & Kyle had!  When anyone asks me what looks good for photos, I will tell them HAPPY.  Happiness looks great in photos and that is exactly what I photographed  this whole day.  Everyone was so happy and having sooooo much fun.  Especially Elizabeth, she was literally jumping for joy!  I know everyone in attendance had a smile on their face and in their heart watching her & Kyle on their wedding day!!!

They were married at Mildale farm in Edgerton KS.  It really is such a lovely venue!  The barn looked amazing with some great personal touches on the tabletops!  On every table there was homemade wine that Elizabeth’s brother and wife made.  Also a little detail I loved was all of the love themed books on the tables that Elizabeth and her mom had fun shopping thrift stores collecting!  There were wonderful homemade mints~ that was a Markowitz family tradition and delicious petits fours~a Terstriep tradition!

Both of their families are so wonderful and kind.  Both Elizabeth and Kyle’s families were both making sure everyone was having fun and taken care of (thanks again for bringing us yummy treats and wine!).

A big thanks to my 2nd photographer Mike for photographing lots of goodness and my assistant Paige for all the help!

I will start with Elizabeth’s wedding dress and her reception dress which was her grandma’s and was a surprise to her dad when she wore his mother’s dress :)

terstriep-14 terstriep-9 terstriep-4 terstriep-13 Beautiful day for a wedding!!terstriep-16 terstriep-123 terstriep-145 Baby Jude is just the cutest and I wanted to kiss him all up!!!!!  terstriep-151 terstriep-181 Elizabeth’s dad brought her a heart shaped rock on her wedding day.  She grew up with him bringing her souvenir rocks from all over!terstriep-157 terstriep-194 So pretty!!!terstriep-211 terstriep-215 terstriep-239 terstriep-240 FRECKLES!!!!!!!!  I heart freckles :)terstriep-249 terstriep-288 terstriep-310 The grey with the pinks look great and the little dudes… my heart!terstriep-317 terstriep-333 terstriep-346 One of my favorite parts of the ceremony is Kyle’s Grandma as Elizabeth is walking down the aisle :)terstriep-403 terstriep-425 THIS is happy :)terstriep-461 terstriep-532 terstriep-536 terstriep-544 terstriep-549 terstriep-556 terstriep-563 terstriep-569 This little spot was super for photos but ended up with a wasp stinging Elizabeth on the bum!  Didn’t bring down her happy at all!  Not sure I would have taken it that well ;Pterstriep-570 terstriep-579 terstriep-598 Now this is a fun example of how it can be awesome to have a 2nd photographer and in this case 3 photographers :)  One angle by me, one by Mike and one by my assistant Paige!  All different lenses :)terstriep-621 terstriep-635 Fierce!!!!!terstriep-637 The reception was so beautiful!  terstriep-51 Super yum!terstriep-327 terstriep-667 terstriep-674 terstriep-684 terstriep-719 terstriep-799 Love the expressions during the speeches :)  Lots of laughs, love and tears :)terstriep-821 And if you are my past bride and groom with cutie pie new baby…….you might get some extra photo love 😉  Kara is Kyle’s sister  and my past bride :)terstriep-884 terstriep-788 terstriep-764 The dance floor was packed all night!terstriep-891 terstriep-977 Dusk photos rock :)terstriep-983 terstriep-988 terstriep-1000 terstriep-1010 Jumping for joy!!!terstriep-1029 The end of the night sister love :)terstriep-1132 Holla!  Some fun light painting with cell phones!!terstriep-1045 terstriep-1146


Congratulations Elizabeth & Kyle!!!  Wishing you a forever of wedding day happiness!  Smooches!!!

What a wonderful way to spend the 4th of July weekend!  Jennifer and Matt were married on July 2nd with some fun little 4th of July tributes that went great with the golds and corals!  They had “sparkler” stir sticks, american flag sunglasses, and the guys wore awesome flag socks!  It did rain off and on all day but we still had fun going out for photos :)

Everything was so beautiful ~especially the bride ;)!  Weddings by Hannah had everything running smoothly and I had great help with Mike 2nd shooting and Paige assisting :)  Only mother nature wasn’t cooperating, but it did lead to some future funny stories, ha!

I will start with the girls getting ready!

weber-9 weber-21 Jennifer’s Aunt to the rescue with grandmas handkerchief!weber-47 weber-59 Matt looking handsome in his suit!weber-27 There were so many special moments throughout the day :)weber-72 Prepare for dress obsession  !weber-80 Beautiful!!!weber-84 weber-88 I always love to see a dad’s face when he sees his daughter in her wedding And then of course the grooms :)weber-159 I loved all the smiles and laughs during the ceremony :)weber-178 weber-228 The rain started up again after the ceremony on our way to the first location.  I thought we might get there before it started again but not quite 😉  But they had the cutest umbrellas so we went for it :)weber-324 weber-336 weber-376 weber-348 weber-363 I am pretty sure this construction worker thought it was crazy to see a wedding party taking pictures in a parking lot in the rain, lol!weber-367 weber-409 It was still raining so we went for cover under a bridge.   I always love under bridge photos!  The are always pretty with the best lighting!  But occasionally there might be someone under there talking to themselves!weber-424 weber-400 weber-459 weber-432 And sometimes you might get the moon under a bridge!  Holy Schmoly!weber-461 weber-474 weber-477 weber-488They wedding party had a great time having a little pitstop for some drinks and soccer during the day!  Of course I had to sneak in some photos too :)
weber-502 weber-520 weber-522 weber-544 weber-547 The reception to the Intercontinental Rooftop was so elegant!  weber-559 weber-567 weber-620 Pretty drinks :)weber-584 weber-570 Jennifer’s mom was just so happy all day long, it was a joy to see :)weber-644 weber-662 The speeches were awesome but Jennifer’s dad telling the story about one of the first times they met Matt was soooooooo funny!  I am still cracking up!weber-721 weber-736 weber-753 LOST WAX!!!!  WOOT!  WOOT!  Always so fun!weber-813 The dancing was off the charts fun!weber-787I think the groom talked Mike into letting him shoot a few shots :)  photo on left courtesy Matt Weber, lol!!!!!
weber-910 weber-907Congratulations Matt & Jennifer!!!!  Happy Ever After!!!!


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