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The first weekend of June was a whirlwind weekend for me, I was photographing a super fab wedding in Manhatten, KS on friday and then Matt & Mikaela’s wedding on Saturday!  Lucky for me, my husband drove us to St. Louis so I caught some zzzz’s on the way :)  I think I was so hyped up from the weekend that I didn’t really sleep good until Monday night, haha!  A big shout out to  my associate photographer, Nate Robinson, for rockin out some amazing shots throughout the day as well!!!

The wedding reception was at the Chase Park Plaza, such a beautiful hotel!  We had a room there as well, it was so awesome leaving the reception and just walking up to our room!

The wedding party got ready at the Chase and then headed over to the church, St. Francis Xavier. I was so excited to shoot at this church!!!!  Amazing!!!  Matt and Mikaela did not see each other until she was walking down the aisle :)  So after the ceremony we hopped on a trolley and drove around taking fun wedding party pics!  It was so fun shooting somewhere different!  The joy of shooting out of town :)

The whole day was great. The weather was perfect, everyone was so happy and having fun.  I knew from the engagement session that Matt & Mikaela were at ease behind the camera.  They are such romantic, sweet and fun couple that being around them just makes you happy :)  And the reception was beautiful, elegant and a huge dance party :)

I will start the photos with Mikaela’s gorgeous dress and shoes!!!!

They both had letters for each other, so sweet :)

Can you believe this church?  Inside is just as awesome!

I could have taken pictures around this cathedral all day!

Seriously?  I was dying over this church! Perfect spot for a dip shot :)

I LOVE this shot that Nate got.  I was at the higher angle and the lower angle just rocked!!!!!

Sista shot!

I am obsessed with Mikaela’s dimples :)  Such a beautiful bride!

And possible my favorite shot of the day!  However I feel like that about quite a few :)

And then we were off to Forest Park!

Dang, champaign pics are fun!  Left shot Nate’s, right shot mine :)  I love how it looks like a ribbon!

Holy hot couple :)

The pool area at the Chase Park Plaza was amazing.  So tropical!

Mikaela & Matt had their first dance completely choreographed, it was super SMOOTH!

Let me tell you, there was some serious dancing going on here.  I am specifically remembering that a few of these photos are shaken it to some MJ and Tina Turner!  Their dj was super awesome!

Anne & Frank were married June 1st in Manhatten, Kansas.  I was so happy to be photographing such a wonderful couple joining their lives forever.  Wedding day’s can have so many emotions surrounding them, and sometimes that could include a bit of stress or anxiety.  But not this day, not as far as I could see :)  Anne was a happy, laid back bride that was well organized and had great support from family and friends and  great vendors making her day stress free and flawless.

Frank & Anne are both graduates of K-state and quite the wildcat fans!  We even made it to aggieville for a few shots, photos that is :)  Their whole wedding day was just so much fun, I am sure their friends would all agree :)

And I have to give a big shout out to my fabulous second shooter, Mallory Taulbee, for being super fabulous!!

This first shot shows Anne’s shoes, super fab!  Totally completed Anne’s classic look!

Check out her Maddy Nash bag!!!!!!!

And there is nothing that can melt a dad’s heart than seeing his baby girl in her wedding dress :)

And then to see her groom :)

I loved the elegance of the bouquets!!

And I am not going to lie, I am kind of obsessed with this photo!  Anne kind of has this whole Audrey Hepburn classic beauty thing going on and especially on her wedding day!  Which inspired this photo :)

And I love Frank’s smile dimples when he looks at Anne :)

The whole wedding party!!!!!!

And if you are ever wondering what is awesome about having a second photographer, well here you go :)  Shot on the left  mine, shot on the right Mallory’s :)

After hanging around Manhatten for a few hours we headed to the church for the ceremony.

and then they were Mr. & Mrs!!!!!!!!  We headed to the Konza Prairie look out point for an amazing  view!

Handsome groom!

Seriously?  Dang!!!!!!!

And let the party begin :)

I love that they were led into their reception with the bagpipes playing!  Also cool that it was one of the groomsmen!!!

And to everyone’s ,except Anne and vendors 😉 surprise!!!!  Willie the wildcat showed up!!!

Congratulations Anne & Frank!!!  It was awesome hanging out with you on your wedding day!!!!!

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