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Happy Love Month!!!!!  I have been saving something wonderful to post on the blog in the love month and there is nothing better than a fantastic day after wedding session in Muir Woods!

Elizabeth and Patrick had the most fabulous wedding day in the vineyards of Sonama Valley last October, check out their wedding blog post here!  It was an incredible day followed by an incredibly beautiful and early 😉 morning in Muir Woods!

Super thanks to my long time friend Heather Morrow for coming along for the weekend and capturing some of these images as well :)

Happy February everyone, especially all of the newlyweds!!!!!

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I am sitting here this fine day in January enjoying having the windows open on a nice 70 degree day while I feel even warmer inside looking at all of the photos from Kelly and Adam’s January 12th wedding.  Although it was a chilly day and snow was in the forecast, all of the smiles were warm, the hugs were warm, and the love was warm.  Kelly and Adam live in Atlanta but Adam is from New Hampshire and Kelly is from Kansas, so they decided to have a wedding here in the midwest!  They were married at Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ with their reception at the Hobbs.  When I first saw the church, I immediately thought it reminded me of a church I would see in the Southeast part of the country.  It fit Kelly & Adam perfectly.

It was so enjoyable to be a part of such a wonderful celebration.  Kelly and Adam both are the kind of people who you can instantly feel good about, the kind of people you know have  lifelong friends and you want to be one of them.  They are smart, ambitious, warm hearted and endearing.  Kelly has a smile that will draw you in in seconds and while Adam may look like a sophisticated James Bond in his tuxedo, he is perfectly playful and hilarious.

I will tell rest of the story with the photos :)

I want to to give thanks to my second photographer, Mike Tsai, for helping me capture all of the wonderful moments, and my assistant Amber for of course making my job easier :)  And it was super fun working with one of my former brides, Erin Webb, as the coordinator for Simple Elegance!

I flew to Atlanta to photograph Kelly & Adams engagement session and we had such a fun time, so I want to start by sharing just a couple of my faves!




Kelly’s dress was so amazing!!!!!


And the Jimmy Choo’s were stunning!



Hello beautiful bride and yummy mimosas!kelly-mimosa

Kelly’s mom’s shoes deserve a little blog love as well!  WOW!kelly-momshoe


While I was photographing the girls getting ready, Mike was photographing the groom prepping for the big day!


Then a couple of my favorite parts of the day :)  When Kelly’s dad first saw his daughter in her dress and then when Adam first saw his bride!





Adam’s mom was a bit teary when she first saw her son and soon to be wife as well :)



Hello lovely ladies :)



Adam wanted to bring an old fashioned badminton racket to the Nelson for some fun :)  Loved it!  Girls did too!Kelly&Adam-330blog


Incredibly gorgeous bride with gorgeous flowers by Craig Sole!


Gotta love some photobombers :)


Such a handsome group!Kelly&Adam-398blog

This shot feel very romantic, like they were the only ones in the world :)Kelly&Adam-443blog

I cant help but remember a moment when we all walked through the Nelson to warm up for minute or two, the lady working at the Nelson smiled brightly at Kelly and said “you are the prettiest bride I have ever seen!”  So wonderful and true!


I have to say this is my first photo of a bride doing a back bend in her wedding dress :)  Yep, she is THAT awesome!Kelly&Adam-463blog


Guys being guys is just plain hilarious!






I am pretty sure this is great representation of Adam’s goofy side, lol.  Kelly&Adam-544blog

Then we were off to the church!




kelly-aisle kelly-cerm kelly-candle



Quick trolley stop by the plaza before heading to the reception!Kelly&Adam-807blog

The Hobbs Building is such a wonderful venue for a wedding reception!  And I love the touch of pine with the table settings!


To make the night EVEN better, everyone had the privilege of being entertained by the wonderful Michael Beers Band!!!!kelly-rec2

Kelly’s dad’s speech invoked a few tears :)kelly-dadtst


I have to admit I was really hoping we would get a bit or mare than a bit of snow that was forecasted. I was dying to photograph them in a good snow storm :)  But only a few flakes sparingly tossed around in the night.  But when I got home I saw that it stayed east and I had about 2 inches at my house!  So here is my snow photo :)Kelly&Adam-1160blog

Big fun!


I had Mike snap a shot of me with Erin, the lovely wedding coordinator and my very favorite wedding band :)kelly-me


Congratulations!  I hope you are still honeymooning in Paris and the islands!

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