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Handsome Hanna & the ever so lovely Miss Megan had a wonderful wedding reception in Kansas City at the Hilton President.  I had the pleasure of photographing Hanna & Megan’s engagement session in NYC this summer. I already knew that photographing Megan was awesome as I took her senior photos and could remember clearly how fashion forward and sweet she is, but getting to see Hanna with her in NY was really wonderful.  Seeing them laugh, smile and just be so in sync with one another was my favorite part about being in NY :)  Of course I walked my husband all around the city until our feet were to fall off having fun as well :)

Hanna & Megan were actually married a month earlier in Beirut, Lebanon in the most gorgeous church I have ever seen.  I would have loved to have photographed them there too!  I was in awe at all of the loveliness from the slideshow they played at their KC reception.  Seriously.  Incredible.

But how fun is it to have two celebrations!  It was great for them to be able to share with friends and family who were not able to make it to Beirut and also wonderful for all that traveled here to KC for their celebration!

Big thanks to Jessica Moore for shooting with me on this great day too!!!!

I will start with Megan’s dresses!  Yes!  Two dresses that were amazing!

chalhoub-12 chalhoub-21 chalhoub-7 chalhoub-30 chalhoub-53 chalhoub-34 chalhoub-41 Beautiful Megan!  I was insane about the emerald earrings with the pink dress!!!!!!chalhoub-97 chalhoub-93 Such a classic beauty!chalhoub-99 chalhoub-115 chalhoub-151 chalhoub-156 chalhoub-161 chalhoub-168 chalhoub-162 chalhoub-173 One of my favorites!!!!!!  Without a wedding party it was so easy to just stop when I randomly saw this awesome tree!!!!chalhoub-298 These photos crack me up.  I have no idea what Hanna said but Megan’s reaction is so funny!chalhoub-190 This, I also love.  Hanna wanted to make sure to get one on his phone of him and his lovely bride :)chalhoub-195 chalhoub-199 chalhoub-204I have about a million favorites!
chalhoub-219 chalhoub-227 chalhoub-239 chalhoub-258 chalhoub-270 I love this shot Jessica got of me photographing Megan and Hanna capturing the beauty as well :)chalhoub-268 chalhoub-279 chalhoub-286 These two.  So easy to photograph.  They are wonderful together :)chalhoub-302 chalhoub-308 chalhoub-319web chalhoub-335 chalhoub-361The Macaron “cake” was amazing!  And the BAKLAVA!!!!!!!  It came from Beirut and was the best baklava I have ever had.  I cant stop thinking about it!
chalhoub-48 Such an elegant and lovely reception!chalhoub-77 chalhoub-425 chalhoub-508 chalhoub-558 I love having these two shots together showing Megan with the same gesture as her mother and grandmother :)  So sweet!!!!chalhoub-569 chalhoub-598 And of course the reception evening would be great with the sounds of the Patrick Lentz Band!  Lucky me, I got to hear them play two weekends in a row!!!!!!!chalhoub-664 chalhoub-606 chalhoub-643 chalhoub-635 chalhoub-713 chalhoub-750 chalhoub-703 The view from the President gets me every time!!!!!!chalhoub-539

Congratulations Megan & Hanna!  I wish you a lifetime of romance!


Jaci and Alex were married in Franklin Tennessee, one of the most adorable little towns I have ever seen.  There wedding and reception were held at The Factory.  It is such a neat building with amazing spots for photography!  It is an old factory turned into an unique shopping center and venue.

When I first met with Jaci and she was telling me about her vision for the ceremony/reception, I was getting soooooo excited!  I  loved all of her ideas and couldn’t wait to photograph them all :) She had me at black and white umbrellas hanging from the ceilings 😉  And I was super excited to travel to Nashville for a little adventure!  I asked a great photographer friend of mine, Jessica if she would like to shoot it with me and I was excited she said yes ( I know she loves a good adventure too! )!

It was such a fun trip listening to some music, exploring new areas, location scouting and photographing a wonderful wedding!  I also had the best catfish I have ever eaten in Nashville at Etch!

I will start with the girls getting ready.  I loved this part of the day.  It felt like a wonderful family friend reunion.  So much love and excitement going on in the girls room :)  I was just photographing this little guy in KC when he was still in his mommy’s belly!  I know Jaci was super excited he joined the world in time to attend the celebration!

mullins-7 mullins-63 mullins-30 Jaci with her grandma :)mullins-43 Beautiful dresses!  mullins-96 All the lovely bling!mullins-64 Pretty shoes!!!jbridal-62mullins-89mullins-91 mullins-102mullins-114 So lovely!mullins-142mullins-197The first look!  It was super sweet and I think Alex shed a tear :)mullins-148mullins-157I want to sneak in a few bridal shots from our shoot in Kansas City as well :)jbridal-19 mullins-186 Such a beautiful couple and awesome location to shoot!mullins-292 I am a sucker for succulents 😛mullins-219 mullins-268 Such lovely ladies!  And Jaci’s MOH is a former bride of mine and about to have a baby!mullins-303 mullins-276 They have a story behind this photo :)mullins-272 mullins-293 mullins-328 mullins-315 mullins-329 Such a fun photo!  Don’t worry though, I didn’t really have the preggo ladies jumping in the air.  But it looks like it 😉mullins-339 mullins-348 mullins-368 Inside the factory where the shops and restaurants were!mullins-386 mullins-395 Super sweet!mullins-291 This was one of those moments that you don’t forget.  Jaci and her grandma wishing her grandpa was there with them :(mullins-442 I could have photographed these little cuties ALL day!mullins-475 Some of the beautiful decorations!  I was dying with excitement!  And a super cool fact is that Alex & Jaci’s wedding date is the same date as her parents and 3 generations of weddings on June 27!mullins-494 mullins-537 mullins-598 After the ceremony we went across the street to Harlinsdale Farm for a few photos and I nearly shrieked with excitement!  It was such a beautiful day with gorgeous blue cloudy skies!mullins-618 mullins-646 mullins-649 mullins-657 mullins-668 mullins-685 mullins-689And then back to the reception to be ready to be announced!  All of the details and the lights were incredible!  And so much of it was DIY by Jaci!
mullins-703 mullins-470 mullins-191 mullins-715 mullins-741 mullins-750 mullins-774 mullins-764Jaci & Alex’s dads showing their similarities 😉
mullins-813 mullins-848 A sweet moment caught after the mother/son dance :)mullins-888 The dance party was crazy!  Those southern boys know how to dance 😉mullins-897 Cool venue, eh?mullins-900 I included a fun photo of me with Melissa and her mom and dad!  So fun seeing them all!mullins-967 mullins-968 mullins-1043Congratulations Jaci & Alex!!!!!!  And thank you so much for having me come to Tennessee to photograph your wedding!!!!!  SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!jbridal-19


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