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Today is just about the perfect day to post photos of an amazing wedding day in the mountains that gave us a little rain here and there as well!  Erin and Cullen planned a super fun beautiful destination wedding for all their family and friends in Breckenridge and I couldn’t have been happier when she asked me to be her photographer!  And it was super fun because I also got to photograph Erin’s senior photos!!!  Besides the obvious of getting to go to a cool location with great photo opportunities, I was crazy excited to photograph these two adorable lovebirds committing their lives to one another!  They are both really so adorable and they way they smile at each other and have fun makes my heart happy :)

I will start with the girls getting ready!  My first dress shot with a mountain in the background :)

rosine-1_WEB rosine-259_WEB rosine-53_WEB rosine-24_WEB The first time Cullen saw his bride for the day was so sweet!  They were both all smiles :)rosine-71_WEB rosine-95_WEB rosine-110_WEB rosine-121_WEB Oh my goodness.  The pinks and golds with the green forest in the background!!!!!!!  Dying!!!!!!rosine-124_WEB rosine-161_WEB rosine-175_WEB Seriously?  Could they be any cuter?rosine-181_WEB Such a lovely bride!  And amazing dress!rosine-191_WEB rosine-196_WEB rosine-249_WEB Hello most adorable flower girl!!!!rosine-267_WEB Look at those lips!!!rosine-275_WEB This little lady was my baby Jace’s age…..I was trying to see if I could introduce them later 😉 !rosine-290_WEBI love the way Cullen was looking at Erin as she walked down the aisle (imagine my super sappy voice saying AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!)
rosine-322_WEB Luckily it wasn’t raining on us but in the mountains in the background.  Made for wicked cool skies!rosine-342_WEB rosine-329_WEB rosine-400_WEB rosine-402_WEB family love :)rosine-435_WEB rosine-446_WEB rosine-447_WEB Kind of obsessed with these :)rosine-466_WEBOne of my favorite things to do is photograph a scene in a wine glass :)
rosine-473_WEB Romance, giggles and dimples are what dreams are made of :)rosine-548_WEB rosine-534_WEB All the details and decorations were so beautiful.  And I loved that they did a milk and cookie toast :)rosine-247_WEB rosine-521_WEB rosine-391_WEB I sooooooooo wished I had recorded Erin’s sister’s speech.  Seriously, she knocked it out of the ballpark!  I can’t remember if she is 14 or 15 but her speech and her complete adorableness was a show stopper.  Great job lady!rosine-564_WEB rosine-602_WEB Beautiful venue!!!!!!rosine-609_WEB Get it!!!!!!!!  They fun dancing begins!rosine-646_WEB rosine-667_WEB rosine-762_WEB rosine-764_WEBThanks so much for trusting me to capture your happily ever after and thanks for introducing me to Breckinridge!  I can’t wait to go back!!!!


Handsome Hanna & the ever so lovely Miss Megan had a wonderful wedding reception in Kansas City at the Hilton President.  I had the pleasure of photographing Hanna & Megan’s engagement session in NYC this summer. I already knew that photographing Megan was awesome as I took her senior photos and could remember clearly how fashion forward and sweet she is, but getting to see Hanna with her in NY was really wonderful.  Seeing them laugh, smile and just be so in sync with one another was my favorite part about being in NY :)  Of course I walked my husband all around the city until our feet were to fall off having fun as well :)

Hanna & Megan were actually married a month earlier in Beirut, Lebanon in the most gorgeous church I have ever seen.  I would have loved to have photographed them there too!  I was in awe at all of the loveliness from the slideshow they played at their KC reception.  Seriously.  Incredible.

But how fun is it to have two celebrations!  It was great for them to be able to share with friends and family who were not able to make it to Beirut and also wonderful for all that traveled here to KC for their celebration!

Big thanks to Jessica Moore for shooting with me on this great day too!!!!

I will start with Megan’s dresses!  Yes!  Two dresses that were amazing!

chalhoub-12 chalhoub-21 chalhoub-7 chalhoub-30 chalhoub-53 chalhoub-34 chalhoub-41 Beautiful Megan!  I was insane about the emerald earrings with the pink dress!!!!!!chalhoub-97 chalhoub-93 Such a classic beauty!chalhoub-99 chalhoub-115 chalhoub-151 chalhoub-156 chalhoub-161 chalhoub-168 chalhoub-162 chalhoub-173 One of my favorites!!!!!!  Without a wedding party it was so easy to just stop when I randomly saw this awesome tree!!!!chalhoub-298 These photos crack me up.  I have no idea what Hanna said but Megan’s reaction is so funny!chalhoub-190 This, I also love.  Hanna wanted to make sure to get one on his phone of him and his lovely bride :)chalhoub-195 chalhoub-199 chalhoub-204I have about a million favorites!
chalhoub-219 chalhoub-227 chalhoub-239 chalhoub-258 chalhoub-270 I love this shot Jessica got of me photographing Megan and Hanna capturing the beauty as well :)chalhoub-268 chalhoub-279 chalhoub-286 These two.  So easy to photograph.  They are wonderful together :)chalhoub-302 chalhoub-308 chalhoub-319web chalhoub-335 chalhoub-361The Macaron “cake” was amazing!  And the BAKLAVA!!!!!!!  It came from Beirut and was the best baklava I have ever had.  I cant stop thinking about it!
chalhoub-48 Such an elegant and lovely reception!chalhoub-77 chalhoub-425 chalhoub-508 chalhoub-558 I love having these two shots together showing Megan with the same gesture as her mother and grandmother :)  So sweet!!!!chalhoub-569 chalhoub-598 And of course the reception evening would be great with the sounds of the Patrick Lentz Band!  Lucky me, I got to hear them play two weekends in a row!!!!!!!chalhoub-664 chalhoub-606 chalhoub-643 chalhoub-635 chalhoub-713 chalhoub-750 chalhoub-703 The view from the President gets me every time!!!!!!chalhoub-539

Congratulations Megan & Hanna!  I wish you a lifetime of romance!

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